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Your Leaky Windows Almost Certainly Need Replacing. Here’s Why

One job your windows have is to protect you from the elements. But a secondary part of that job is to preserve a tight seal for energy efficiency. If you have leaky windows, it could mean more than just water getting inside the panes. It could also mean the seal is irreparably damaged or the wooden framing around the window is badly compromised. In any case, the windows need to be inspected quickly.

Evident leaks in windows happen when it rains. Water begins seeping inside the room and running down the wall under the window. Knowing what is causing the leaks is something a professional window replacement company expert can determine.

What Causes Window Leaks?

While many factors can affect how your window functions in the elements, here are the most common causes of leaky windows:

  •  Age. Old windows are possibly the most common cause of leaks. After decades of exposure to the elements, older windows, especially wooden ones, can soften around the frame, allowing water to enter the home. This is bound to happen if your older windows are not adequately maintained during the structure’s life.
  •  Improper Installation. Even if you have new windows, leaks and moisture problems can still occur. Choosing the wrong type of window for your house or having the installation done by an inexperienced installer can also cause leaks.
  • Home Design. Houses without any overhang to deflect heavy rain from the windows can develop leak problems. If you live in an area prone to severe storms or even heavy snowfall, this moisture can drop down the windows if your home isn’t built with overhangs. Over time, this will cause leaks.
  • Cracks/Gaps. This is again a problem commonly caused by improper installation. If there are cracks or gaps around the windows, the flashing may be damaged, allowing water to enter the home. It becomes an urgent matter if there is no flashing at all. Flashing damage and improper installation can unsettle the window frame, causing misalignment and compromised caulking.

Identifying the Problem With Your Leaky Windows

Trying to pinpoint the problem yourself may not be the best option. Unless you have a trained eye and experience with window installation, you may miss one or more causes of the leaking. Also, it could be a minor problem that only needs a repair, or so you think. But the damage will continue if you’re wrong and don’t correct all the issues.

Continued water damage on your windows will result in aesthetic issues and costly structural problems. For example, if water is leaking around the window and on the wall, there could be a problem inside the wall that you can’t see. Other issues like pooling water could damage not just the framework of your home but the drywall.

The best place to begin taking care of leaky windows is by calling a reputable local window company to conduct a thorough inspection. The windows most likely need to be replaced, and a window professional can assist you with the process. The result will be a more secure home that won’t be affected by water damage.

Learn More About Leaky Window Solutions

The dedicated experts at Northwest Exteriors have helped hundreds of homeowners correct leaky windows and preserve the value and safety of their properties. Contact us today to schedule your free window inspection.

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