When you pull into your driveway, do you see your home as inviting or does it feel aged or unfinished? Is it energy efficient or are you spending your hard earned money to heat and cool the outside year round? Make your home inviting, insulated and worth more with a home improvement upgrade such as exterior vinyl siding. Here are some of its greatest attributes:

Durability: Protect your home from impact and the elements, including a stray ball from kids playing or wind gusts of up to 200 mph. Vinyl siding also has sound insulating properties which can help keep the outside noise where it belongs.

Curb appeal: New siding looks gorgeous! You will take years off the appearance of your home with new siding that comes in a variety of colors in a wood-like grain texture.

Little to no maintenance: Vinyl siding looks like wood but won’t weather or attract pests like the real thing. It will never need to painted, and in the event some it starts to lose its luster, simply hosing it off is an easy way to freshen it up.

Siding is a valuable investment you can make in your home to increase its comfort, and add value when you’re looking to sell.

Northwest Exteriors offers top quality siding brands including Craneboard, James Hardie and Exteria. Northwest Exteriors has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, and is backed by more than 25 years in the home improvement industry. Northwest Exteriors also offers a wide variety of windows, doors, siding and patio cover options, all covered by an installation warranty and a top notch service team.