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Advantages and Disadvantages of Aluminum Framed Windows

Aluminum framed windows are a great option for homes with a low budget. They have great strength and structural qualities but don’t offer much insulation. They also require regular cleaning, which can be costly. If you want energy efficiency, a better option would be vinyl windows. Vinyl is much better insulated and will reduce heat transfer. It also helps regulate the temperature in your home. On the other hand, aluminum can conduct heat, so choosing a thermally enhanced material can improve your window’s R-value. For more information on aluminum framed windows, contact the experts at Northwest Exteriors.

Aluminum windows are also available in various styles, colors, and finishes. These features allow you to create the look and feel you want for your home. Additionally, these windows can be customized to fit your desired design style. For instance, aluminum windows are available with grilles and different profiles. Choosing the right window type will help you maximize the look and function of your home’s windows.

Another benefit of aluminum windows is their lower maintenance cost. Unlike wood, aluminum windows require little or no maintenance. Additionally, they last a long time. In addition, they are less prone to fading. If you plan to use your windows for outdoor activities, aluminum windows may be the better option. They are much more durable than vinyl.

Thermally broken aluminum frames offer the best condensation resistance. However, choosing a thermal break correctly is essential, as improperly positioned thermal breaks can short-circuit the aluminum frame. Metal frames can also cause condensation, particularly those made of aluminum or steel. To reduce the risk of condensation, it’s essential to choose a metal frame with a more thermal mass on the warm side of the wall. For example, the AAMA 1503 test method is an excellent way to determine the U-value of a metal frame.

Since its inception, aluminum framed windows have come a long way. The versatility of aluminum has led architects to re-evaluate their traditional options. Luxury homes, as well as custom homes, have taken advantage of this modern option. The durability and attractive design of aluminum framed windows have helped them establish a strong presence in the industry.

Although aluminum is a popular choice, some homeowners still prefer wood. The material is less expensive and has a natural look. Vinyl frames are thicker than aluminum but still give off a classic farmhouse feel. They are also more durable than aluminum frames. If you plan to sell your home, you might consider a vinyl frame.

Another benefit of aluminum framed windows is their low maintenance and sleek appearance. They are durable, lightweight, and easy to customize. The best part is that they are also incredibly versatile. If you have a specific design, you’ll find a window that perfectly complements it. Aluminum framed windows can also be custom-painted for a more personalized look.

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